At Bournemouth Baby Centre, we are proud to work with the biggest and the best pram and pushchair companies in the world, and iCandy is an important part of our online collection. Designing and manufacturing a full range of strollers and accessories, iCandy design footmuffs, carrycots, seat liners, kids clothing and parasols. 

    The mainstay of the range is the collection of pushchairs and strollers. All of these strollers have been designed to be easy to use, be tough enough to last in the real world whilst also looking fantastic. The ability to perform well and look good, means that iCandy is one of the most popular pushchair brands in the world. 

    Their strollers have been designed to be able to handle a wide range of different terrain - these strollers are at home on city streets as much as they are going across park grassland. Designed to be comfortable to use, they are lightweight and have compact dimensions making them easy to handle, especially on buses and public transport. 

    Boasting fantastic levels of adjustments, these strollers can be adjusted to be more comfortable for the parent, and there’s a range of accessories available to transform a stroller into the ultimate companion for any day out.

    You can view the complete range of iCandy strollers above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection. 

    248 products

    248 products