If you enjoy long country walks, don’t think for a minute that they have to stop once you have a baby or a toddler in your life. Whilst pushchairs and strollers which have been designed for use on hardstanding, such as pavements and solid surfaces, do not provide any level of performance on the rough stuff, all terrain pushchairs - provide excellent performance on the slippy stuff, and perform well across a range of different off road terrain. These pushchairs are purchased by those who experience the great outdoors, as well as those who live in rural areas - and need an all terrain pushchair to simply get around. 

All terrain pushchairs usually have the same design features, three wheels for mobility - and air filled tyres which provide plenty of grip. These air filled tyres help provide not only increased grip, but also help provide more comfort to the child inside the pushchair. All terrain pushchairs can also have suspension, on all of the wheels - or just the rear wheels. Suspension provides an incredibly smooth ride, with the springs of the suspension soakin gup any lumps or bumps. 

It’s not just the externals of the pushchair which benefit from off road upgrades, the internals of the pushchair - namely the seat, also plays an important part in comfort. The seats and internals of off-road all terrain pushchairs are designed to be spacious and comfortable. Comfort and ergonomics continue to the ‘pusher’ of the pushchair too, and all terrain pushchairs can also have other features, such as adjustable handlebars - which allow not only a comfortable normal position, but also extra comfort and capability if pushing over the rough stuff. 

You can view our complete range of all terrain pushchairs above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection. 

106 products

106 products