At Bournemouth Baby Centre, we are proud to stock and supply the complete range of Egg Strollers and Pushchairs. Egg as a brand is one of the most symbolic, with the egg shaped and egg designed strollers representing the need and want for parents to look after, provide warmth to and shelter their children. This design ethos is partnered with an unbeatable approach to product design and materials, with high quality components and engineering being twinned with fantastic levels of luxury and style. 

    Egg is a British business and is family owned - using a range of materials and colours that have been inspired by countries and cultures the world over. There are six different colours available, ranging from the dark colours of cobalt, North African Desert Tones as well as colours inspired by mediterrean olives. 

    The product range also covers parents across the full age range of their children. The Egg 2 is the flagship stroller/pushchair within the range. It’s packed with innovative features, such as a five position handle with incredible levels of adjustment. The chassis also folds incredibly well, and when this stroller is folded down the chasisc is compact and the handle remains off the ground. 

    There are also three seating positions allowing your child to either face you or the world around them - there’s also quick adjustment controls for the headrest and the harness for easy adjustment on the move. Puncture free tyres have an excellent read pattern, and the stroller has large front and rear wheels for ground clearance. 

    You can view the complete range of Egg products above, and if you have any questions about the range - please do get in touch with us directly. 

    111 products

    111 products