At Bournemouth Baby Centre, we are proud to stock and supply a complete range of Angelcare Baby Products which we supply to customers online. With a history stretching back over twenty years, Angelcare provides an excellent range of baby products which have been designed to provide peace of mind for parents, whilst making each day a little easier. 

    The product range is split down into three main groups, there is an excellent range of baby monitors - these baby monitors use Angelcare’s patented movement sensor pads, which fit underneath your the cot mattress - sensing movement as your baby sleeps, and raising an alert if no move is detected for 20 seconds, providing complete peace of mind. This process and design ensures that you only are alerted to your baby if there is a risk, allowing you time to relax without unnecessary distractions. 

    Other products include a range of Angelcare Bath Supports, available in a range of colours including blue, pink and grey. These soft touch bath supports hold your baby in the perfect position for bathing, at different life stages. Bath Seats and Bath Supports are available. 

    The last major product group available is Nappy Bins, which have been designed to remove the smelly odour and mess from your nappy disposal - keeping your house smelling as fresh as possible! 

    You can view the complete range of Angelcare products above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the range.

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