Review - Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram - Bronze

A luxurious pram with striking design, perfect for family adventures.

Read Bournemouth Baby Centre’s honest review of the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram, which is suitable from birth to 22kg.

What’s included?
The Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram comes with a seat unit, (which can be used forward, or rear-facing) with 3 recline positions and bamboo lined carrycot, making it suitable from birth. A fitted rain cover and seat liner are also included. (Compatible car seat and adapters are sold separately).

Price: Currently on sale at £725 (RRP: £895) (including the Silver Cross 3 Year Guarantee).


The Silver Cross Pacific Autograph is available in Ink or Bronze. The Bronze is our favourite  colour as it looks super stylish and complements the pram’s brown leatherette handle. It has an autumnal feel to it and really stands out compared to other brands regular grey and black colour options. If you want to make a statement, then go Bronze.

After unboxing the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram we let out a little squeal of delight. The high shine black chassis and chrome toned wheel trims look incredibly classy and you can’t help but marvel at the beautiful laser etched ‘Autograph’ logo, which oozes class and makes a real statement. The handle features the Silver Cross logo and is crafted from leatherette with polished graphite detailing. It’s adjustable too, with four different height positions. Simply pull the button in the centre of the handle in, and then slide it easily up or down to your desired height.

The wheels are striking too, blending matte and gloss for a luxurious finish. We tested the pram on a sunny day and the light kept catching them, which really highlighted the gloss, making them really stand out and shine. The tyres are multi-terrain, with two large rear wheels, making this pram perfect for family adventures. It’s easy to steer and turn offering a smooth ride on any surface, making it ideal for navigating busy streets and tight corners. You can fix the front wheels in place, or release them allowing them to swivel, which will definitely come in handy when navigating tight aisles in a supermarket or shop. The wheels can also be easily removed, should you need to clean them, or require a bit more space in the boot.

Another big tick from us is the fact that the pram is lightweight, making it easy to get in and out of the boot of your car.

You’ll love the generously sized basket, perfect for a family day out (you can easily fit a changing bag, coats and blanket), or a trip to the shops (we think you could fit at least four shopping bags). It’s a lot easier to access the basket with the seat unit fitted. With the carrycot it’s a bit more tricky as you need to pull it down slightly to get things in and out, which may be a little frustrating if you’re trying to access things in a hurry (and let’s face it as a new parent, you’re always in a hurry)!

The brake is easy to access too. It’s at the back of the pram and you can easily apply it with one foot and then release by pressing the green button.

Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Detailing Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram Multi Terrain Tyres


Seat Unit

The seat unit can be used forward or parent-facing and features 3 recline positions, which can be applied simply with one hand. If it’s nap time, the lowest position is ideal and the most comfortable for your toddler. It’s also super-easy to attach or remove the seat to the chassis.  

The seat features a 5-point safety harness with the Silver Cross logo in the centre. You can adjust the straps depending on the height of your child. A word of warning, this is a little tricky to do, so we advise getting it in the right position before you leave the house.

It’s easy to attach the extendable, ventilated hood, which offers UPF50+ protection and a pop-out sun visor with viewing window.

The seat also features a two-tone leatherette bumper bar, which can be easily removed with one hand, making it easy to get your toddler in and out.

The seat liner is reversible. One side is faux-fur and you can’t help but stroke it. It’s super soft and snuggly, making it ideal for colder months. On the reverse is  fabric to match the pram and it’s machine-washable.

The rain cover (which comes in its own little pouch) fits easily onto the seat unit and can easily stored in your changing bag or the pushchair’s basket for easy access.

Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Bronze Seat Unit Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Bronze Seat Unit Lifestyle



The carrycot, like the seat unit, features a lovely bronze matching fabric. It is suitable from birth and is well ventilated, which means it is suitable for overnight sleeping, making it ideal for family weekends away. We love the fact that it’s lined with natural bamboo fabric, which has antibacterial properties and can help regulate your baby’s body temperature. Bamboo is also very gentle against babies' sensitive skin.

The Pacific Autograph’s carrycot uses the same hood as the seat unit, so can be used in three different positions, providing great protection for a sleeping baby. With the hoods UPF50+ sun protection you also have extra peace of mind.

The carrycot is a decent size, so it should easily fit your baby up to 6 months old.

Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Bronze Carrycot


You don’t have to remove the seat to fold the pushchair, but you do need it to be in the forward-facing and most upright position. With the seat attached it’s not the most compact of folds, so we recommend removing the seat first, which is very easy to do. Simply pull the levers on the sides outwards and then lift upwards to remove the seat from the frame (if you want to remove the carrycot, it’s exactly the same process). With the seat unit removed you will be able to get the frame a lot flatter, which makes getting it in and out of the car a lot easier, and also allows you to get more into the boot, which is particularly useful if you are packing for a family day out, or weekend away. It’s very easy and quick to fold the pushchair. Simply pull the triggers upwards and the handle will go towards the floor before the unit locks into place. It’s always worth measuring your boot to see how much space you will have after putting the chassis and carrycot into your car. The folded dimensions are L86.5cm W60cm H33cm.

Our Verdict

We are a big fan of the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram. It’s elegant and has been designed with great attention to detail. And we love the Bronze colour option. Usability hasn’t taken a back seat to style as it’s really easy to manoeuvre and it’s multi-terrain tyres offer a smooth ride on any surface. It seems a little bulky compared to other prams on the market so definitely check the dimensions of your boot before purchasing. But for us, it ticks a lot of boxes.