Review - iCandy Peach Stroller and Carrycot 2020 - Phantom / Terracotta Twill

A stylish and functional pushchair designed for a growing family

Here’s our honest review of the iCandy Peach Stroller and Carrycot, which is suitable from birth to 25kg.

What’s included?

The iCandy Peach Stroller and Carrycot 2020 comes with a seat unit, (which can be used forward, or rear-facing) with 4 recline positions and carrycot with luxury fleece lining, making it suitable from birth and overnight sleeping. A fitted rain cover, seat liner, elevator adaptors and car seat adapters are also included. You also have a choice of 6 fabrics and 3 chassis colour options.

Price: Currently on sale at £775 (RRP: £999) (including the iCandy 5 Year Warranty)



It’s worth pointing out that this is the 2020 edition of the iCandy Peach, which is now in its sixth generation.

You really do get everything you need with the iCandy Peach Stroller and Carrycot, which is clear when you take everything out of the box for the first time. One of the big advantages is the fact that it’s suitable from birth right up to 25kg in weight. Based on average weights of children, that means you could still be using your iCandy Peach when your child is four or even five years old (depending on their height), so there’s a lot of life in this pushchair. Not to mention the fact that the Peach converts from a single to double pushchair (with the use of innovative adaptors and converter kit), so if you are thinking of growing your family, or expecting twins, then this is a great option for the price point.

If this is your first pushchair then building the iCandy Peach can take some time, so grab a coffee and sit down and read the instructions fully before attempting to build, as it can be a little fiddly.

It’s a well-engineered sturdy pushchair with a high-quality aluminium frame. The leatherette handlebar and matching swivel bumper bar also contribute to the Peach's luxury finish. The wheels are made of sturdy stuff - PU and puncture proof, which is ideal if you’re taking the Peach out and about, especially on uneven terrain. This is definitely a pram that can handle most surfaces thanks to its great suspension - grass, gravel, roads - it’s definitely got you covered, so a good choice for outdoor adventures, which is surprising as on first glance the front wheels look quite small so we were pleasantly surprised. The brake is easy to apply too, so no problems there.

It’s so light and easy to manoeuvre as well, whether you’re out in the countryside or at your local shopping centre.

What we love about the iCandy Peach is the basket. It’s super spacious (44 litres) and can hold up to 10kg weight. Compared to other pushchairs we’ve tested you can get a lot more in the basket and it’s easy to access too, even with the carrycot attached, which has been a bugbear with other tested brands. You can access the basket from the front or back and it’s deep, so you can fit a lot in there and you definitely won’t need to hang your changing bag from the handlebars to save space.


Seat Unit

The seat unit on the iCandy Peach has a one-handed seat recline with four different positions, giving your toddler lots of options for a comfortable ride. It is definitely a great seat for naps, but also for taking in your surroundings thanks to the seat’s included elevators, which increase its height. If you choose to use the Peach as a double buggy, then the elevators will definitely come into play, giving you more space between the seat units. Another great extra is the handy storage pocket at the back of the seat unit, ideal for storing keys, or anything else you need easily accessible. The harness is nice and padded and also adjustable. A toddler would struggle to open it, so you don’t have the extra worry of them potentially escaping, giving you peace of mind. The hood is adjustable, offering SPF50+ protection and there is also a multi-position mesh ventilation. We also like the fact that the calf rest is adjustable. With the 4 recline options and calf rest, there is no doubt that your toddler will have a comfortable ride in the Peach.



The iCandy Peach’s carrycot has a lovely fleece lining keeping your baby cosy and snug, especially on colder days. It’s also suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, so if you’re away for the night, or a weekend, you don’t have to worry about taking a moses basket or travel cot with you. The elevators are a great addition for the carrycot too, making it higher and allowing you to be closer to your baby to soothe them. It also means less strain on your back, as you don’t have to lean over so much to look into the carrycot or lift your baby in and out. This for us is a great selling point that other brands don’t have in their armoury.


iCandy are famous for their pushchairs one handed fold and we can confirm that it really is so simple. Simply push downwards on the handlebar whilst holding the button and it folds down to the floor. Then you lift the included carry strap (located in the basket and another great feature) and the pushchair folds and locks into place. The carry strap also makes carrying the Peach a lot easier. It’s really light to handle too and we had no issue getting it in and out of the car. If you want to check the folded dimensions for your car boot they are 70cm x 54cm x28cm (length, width, height).

Our Verdict

The price may put some people off, but you do really get an all-round great pram for your money. The large basket, one handed fold, effortless manoeuvrability and elevator adaptors make the iCandy stand out against its rivals and if you are thinking of growing your family, the fact that the Peach can convert into a double pushchair is a big plus. We also love the Phantom Terracotta unisex colour, which has real autumn vibes and looks classy too.